Senior SEO Specialist/ SEO 資深專員

Taipei City, Taiwan
Content Management
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities

我們正在尋找一位對 LINE 行銷有興趣的SEO資深專員,你將會成為 SEO 小組的一員,為我們在各管道產出重要文案,包含 Wordpress 部落格官網、Facebook社群、媒體廣編稿、編輯電子報。我們期待你是一個熱愛寫文字、熱愛學習產品新知、善於團隊溝通的夥伴,期待你的加入。 

We are looking for a savvy Senior SEO Specialist to develop the content creation process for our company. You will be required to research and define desired target audiences and produce eye-catching content. A successful candidate will have shown a strong track record of content communications and storytelling in MarTech field. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Producing high-quality content that is appropriate for its intended audience 
  • Assisting with marketing team for SEO strategy, content development of blogs, websites, and social media.
Required Qualifications
  • At least 2 year equivalent work experience in producing and editing written content (internship included) 
  • Basic understanding of SEO strategies 
  • A deep understanding, or willingness to research and learn on the go, of all things across MarTech markets 
  • Passion to create content 
  • Interested in one or more of the following fields: Big Data, CRM, AI, Digital Marketing 
  • Strong initiative and problem-solving skills coupled with an insane eye for detail 
  • An understanding of and alignment with the client’s vision, purpose and core values. 
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience working on productions that have social media output 
    • Written/read proficiency in English is a big plus
Benefits / Compensation

◎ 安心保障 

  • 法定保障-勞保、健保、勞退提撥 
  • 貼心保障-到職滿一年,即享有每年1萬元健康檢查補助 

◎ 彈性工作環境 

  • 大安站步行 5分鐘,上下班交通方便 
  • 彈性上下班時間,可自由安排遠端上班 
  • 開放式工作空間,你可以選擇在任何舒適的角落工作 

◎ 公司文化 

  • 年輕團隊,扁平組織,去官僚化的快速溝通 
  • 互相包容尊重、講求效率與信任 
  • 所有的意見都會被重視,一起學習成長 

◎ 福利制度 

  • 到職即享有無期限休假,只要工作能完成,連休沒有上限!(所有假別皆不扣薪) 
  • 公司提供高規的 MAC 筆電 or 補助3萬自己買 
  • 每個月零食櫃更新,還有各式咖啡、茶,隨時補充能量 
  • 定期公司聚餐,投票去吃大餐 
  • 每季Team Building活動,一起同樂去 

◎ 進修機會 

  • 公司補助參加 Workshop 或進修課程,讓你學習到業界最新的知識 
  • 不定期的業界人士內部分享,讓你了解業界的的最新脈動 (之前請過北美 Google,矽谷工程來、大數據工程師來分享業界最新動態) 
  • 更多詳情請閱讀公司部落格:
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